3 Reasons To Watch A Stand Up Comedy Documentary

You love watching stand up, so why not watch a documentary about the art of making people laugh? Although many people assume that watching a documentary outlining the job of heading to comedy gigs would be fairly predictable, having the courage to get up in front of others to try to make them laugh is enough of a feat that it is very interesting to learn about. Here are three reasons to watch a stand-up comedy documentary. Read More 

Liked This Summer’s Movie Lineup? Wait Until Next Year!

The summer of 2017 has been a good one, both for live action and for animated feature films. If you happily spent your money at the movies at least three times a month for each month of summer, you are not alone. If you went to see (or took your kids to see) any of the animated films (of which there were eight, almost half of which were long-anticipated sequels), then you will love the upcoming animated movies for Summer 2018. Read More 

3 Famous Feuds In The Stand-Up Comedy World

The world of stand-up comedy is rife with feuds. There are cases where comics have accused other comics of stealing jokes, as well as conflicts over styles that create tension. Many of these feuds end up on stage, while others take place behind the scenes. Some of the feuds carry on for years and end up bringing other comedians into the conflict. Below are three famous feuds and a brief background on the issue. Read More 

4 Tips For Hosting The Perfect TV Series Marathon Night

If you and your friends love an old television series, you may consider getting together for a marathon of your favorite episodes or the entire series. Setting up blankets and comfortable furniture and tucking in for a night or weekend of your favorite show can be a fun experience for a group of friends. However, to make it a worthwhile experience, there are a few aspects of your television series marathon that may take a little extra planning and effort. Read More