3 Reasons To Watch A Stand Up Comedy Documentary

You love watching stand up, so why not watch a documentary about the art of making people laugh? Although many people assume that watching a documentary outlining the job of heading to comedy gigs would be fairly predictable, having the courage to get up in front of others to try to make them laugh is enough of a feat that it is very interesting to learn about. Here are three reasons to watch a stand-up comedy documentary. 

1. Learn More About Your Favorite Comics

If you love comedy and you have favorites in mind, checking out stand up comedy documentaries can be a nice way to learn how they got their start. From how they developed a love of stand-up to moving forward with their career and crafting new material, it is fun and interesting to learn as much as you can about your favorite comics. 

If you have a comic in mind that you want to learn about, check their websites to see what they have previously released and if anyone has done a documentary about their comedy. You never know, you could learn enough to follow in their steps. 

2. Find Out What It Takes to Get In The Game

While being a stand-up comic may look simple, there is a lot more to it than thinking of a few jokes and becoming famous overnight. Oftentimes, comics spend years, if not decades, working private clubs and bars before they are recognized enough to hit the big leagues. Many have stories about eating out of cans in their car and being booed off the stage before coming up with material that solidifies their reputation. Learning what you have ahead of you before getting into comedy can be a worthwhile endeavor, so check out a documentary based around your favorite comic. 

3. Have Fun With Friends and Family

Enjoying a comedy documentary is a great way to pass time with friends and family. While social distancing standards are still in place and gatherings have to be small, ask family members and friends if they would want to come over to enjoy a documentary about a comic. Order a pizza, grab some soda pop, and have a great time with the people you love the most. 

If you have some surprise free time and would love to relax and enjoy a stand-up comedy documentary, check out a listing on your local TV service. Many online platforms have complementary programming, and some movies and theaters are even playing documentaries featuring people you would want to learn more about. Check out Cooperstown Properties, LLC to learn more.