4 Tips For Hosting The Perfect TV Series Marathon Night

If you and your friends love an old television series, you may consider getting together for a marathon of your favorite episodes or the entire series. Setting up blankets and comfortable furniture and tucking in for a night or weekend of your favorite show can be a fun experience for a group of friends. However, to make it a worthwhile experience, there are a few aspects of your television series marathon that may take a little extra planning and effort. 

Secure High-Quality Versions of Your Favorite Series 

If you will be inviting friends over for a series marathon, you should consider the quality of their experience, and that starts with providing high-quality versions of the show. While you may have recorded your favorite show on VHS years ago, you should purchase a high-definition Blu-Ray version of the show if you are going to be showing it regularly. This can provide a more immersive experience for your viewers. If you are watching a series that most of your friends have seen before, providing a high-definition copy of the show gives them a new experience to look forward to. 

Limit Your Guest List 

You may think that having more people over watching your favorite shows together is better. However, you will find that if you open your invitation up to too many people, you might run out of comfortable seating. Additionally, if people are only attending for the social experience and do not really want to watch the show you are screening, they may talk during the show, irritating guests who truly want to watch the series. 

Instead of inviting a large group of people, figure out which of your friends are most interested in the marathon you are proposing and limit your invitation to them. 

Consider Breaks 

Taking a break between each episode of the series you are watching increases the social value of your marathon by allowing your friends to discuss what is happening, what they like, and You should supply snacks or host a potluck so your guests can eat and socialize in between episodes of the series you are watching. 

While you may be able to complete a whole season in a weekend if you and your friends are die-hard fans, you should consider making your series marathon a weekly or monthly occurrence. This allows you to watch a few episodes at a time and spread the experience out over a few months, making you marathon night a regular social event for you and your friends. 

Decide On Something Old or Something New 

Old, familiar television shows make a good choice if you plan to watch quite a few episodes each time you and your friends meet. The familiarity of the characters and the plot line make it less mentally taxing to watch, which can be helpful if you plan to watch several hours. A familiar show can also increase positive feelings of nostalgia within your group, especially if you watched it together when the show first came out. It can also be fun to re-watch a show to find new aspects that you did not notice before. 

New shows can also be exciting because your group can experience them for the first time together. You can discuss what you think will happen during the coming episodes. However, since not all of the episodes may be out, it can be difficult to do a proper marathon night with a new show.  

A regular TV series marathon creates a low-key, ongoing social event that you can enjoy with your friends. Picking the best people to watch with and the best equipment to watch on will make a TV series marathon an event you and your friends will look forward to. 

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